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  • Uhtred burns. Sorry for the lack of colour.

  • With a special guest appearance by Karmic. Featuring cameos by Anselmo and Delia. Posting for Crytzch.

  • No color. Karmic stabs me in mm. after healing and some taunting his ego gets the best of him. funny he was just running his mouth yesterday *tsk*.

  • Posting for Tobias,
    lol @ rage.

    using lame client on bros comp, sorry for gay spam of warnings

  • Rryznog stole my candles in CU, and we were having a little fun in Mordor. He made a fatal error, apparently he answered his phone. Sorry for lack of color, never really posted logs. Was having a bit of fun, or so I thought.

  • The custom event shutdown.

  • Posted for Gladius.

  • Posting for Galaam? Or Lameki? Can't remember and it doesn't matter. No colors!!! herkie noob gets dead in a completely uninteresting manner. Enjoy!!!!

  • I should really train backstab, I'd have gotten both weapons. Apoliogies for the lack of colour, my client isn't capable of logging like that, even though it displays them.

  • The wanted fall to the retarded style of an old womans privates.

  • Posting for Crytzch. Special guest appearance by Korseg!

  • Should not poison Corsairs and then idle out in the open.

  • Heavily edited to remove the largely boring movement. Sorry for black and white.

  • This is heavily edited, and I apologise for the lack of colour.

    Gendor the super noob!!!

    btw i wait to got this guy like 3h finally i found where the hell he was hiding :P

  • Now that i don't have connection to the two towers i will spam this site with my mudsex logs!!!

    omg i become a newbie killer!! :(

    Gendor THE SUPER NOOB!!!!

  • Lol. Posting for Trolololur

  • Something to quench your thirst for new logs... though, strictly speaking this is not a new log.

    The loot was pretty nice. And the trident was donated to VC to show my gratitude to Ansgar, who saved my life from one of Silence's three-man lockups the same boot. Oh yeah, the contract I was holding belonged to Silence, in case that isn't obvious :)

    Much enjoyment!
    (posting for Regoroth)

  • Here is a very new one, from back when Tireless was around 10 minutes ago.

    Might actually be worse THAN nothing even though we haven't had a log in a long time.

    Fuck you all.