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  • Zealot tried me earlier with a throwaway attempt. He regrouped with some friends and put together a real attempt.

    (Don't worry, I have RM now)

  • Posting for Gaam, from 7/15/07 during the last Udungul/Durmanhoth war. This is, btw, when I learned that the pit existed :P

  • Posting for Viola, from May 13, 2008. Somberlain was hitlisted by VC. (This was one of Sean's favourite logs ever.)

  • With thanks to Kaelyn for logging it

  • The reboot messages from the 2017 Event.

  • The customised event reboot messages from the 2016 event.

  • Managed to catch Javelin with the Sword of Bserserking, sometimes patience pays off.

  • He asked me to post his whining.

  • Yarr, something involving wagon-loads of arrows and a story of Edgarr Allan Poe about a certain infamous pirate Captain Kidd and his treasure. Read ferr yerself.

  • The setup for this is annoying, I've spent months trying to catch the right person here, with good equipment and not eaglesighted or a ranger. I've chewed through somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand endurance hiding in this spot (getting the gear for this is somewhat of a pain too). I finally got fed up that I thought sod it, I'll steal anything.

  • Well, read on!

  • In my opinion, this was a cool fight and I think that it is worth sharing with you.

  • Pretty crap, I was AFK for most of the fight.

  • He had been stalking me for a while, and at the end of the day, he dies.
    A bit rusty on both sides I guess.

  • Posted for Girrick. This is his first time playing after over a three year absence and he manages to snag a kill. Pretty funny log imo.

  • Test of posting in colour

  • Stealing Aiglos and killing Celloth

  • If I'd headbutted as soon as got back into combat I'd have been fine (barely).

  • Posting for Feyd.

  • Mordor. Posted for Gladius.