Crazy good luck!

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Hiral [legacy]
21 September 2013 00:00:00

This is hard to believe, but true. Happened like a year ago hehe.

[ Beorning ] Hiral: what's the most rare metal?
||[HP:230||EP:226]|| [ Beorning ] Thoros: star iron?
[ Beorning ] Thoros: or platinum
[ Beorning ] Nesrin: star iron probably, platinum second
[ Beorning ] Nesrin: anyone can get star iron, only thieves can get
[ Beorning ] Alzreth: I should spend a boot just trying for star iron
tell alzreth where do you get star irion
You tell Alzreth: where do you get star irion
||[HP:230||EP:230]|| [ Beorning ] Nesrin: good luck. I've done it 35 times and
 not gotten
     it yet, bound to get it sometime though

[ Beorning ] Hiral: i'll find a star iron
||[HP:230||EP:226]|| [ Beorning ] Nesrin: I told Arron that if he gave me first
 chance on
     any plat he got, he could have my first star iron if he wanted it

A few minutes later, (1st attempt)

   The tunnel opens up here into a large underground cavern.  In the 
center of the room is a large pit full of embers from a nearly burned
out fire.  The light from the dying fire casts a weak glow about the
cavern; just enough light to see the entire room.  Opposite the 
entrance, the ceiling drops back down and the walls narrow as the
tunnel continues deeper into the mountain.
    The only obvious exits are northeast and east.
 Corpse of Tall goblin
 Corpse of Goblin
 The somewhat decayed remains of Goblin
You see more than one corpse.  Using the first of the following:
  on the ground : corpse of Tall goblin
  on the ground : corpse of Goblin
  on the ground : the somewhat decayed remains of Goblin
a leather whip : Ok.
a torn merchant bag : You hang the whip on your belt.
some gold coins : Ok.
||[HP:157||EP:57]|| You put 40 gold in your pockets.
i bag
You cannot inventory it while it's closed!
open bag
You open a torn merchant bag.
i bag
Gold: 140              Encumbrance: lightly encumbered  
You dig around in your torn merchant bag and find:
Your torn merchant bag is almost empty.
 A star stone.
 A raw elf steak.